The Performance of Branding with Jason Friedman

Joining Jaci and Michael on this episode of the He Said She Said, Razor Branding Podcast is Jason Friedman,  a theater nerd turned serial entrepreneur. Jason’s passion lies in coaching, supporting, and championing other entrepreneurs in growing and scaling their businesses. His involvement in national theater tours helped him realize that the same principles used in show business to command standing ovations could be applied to every business (on or offline), regardless of industry or location. 

Currently, Jason is the CEO of CXFormula, working with fast-growing, entrepreneurial companies to help them grow and scale businesses that give them stability, purpose, and energy to work smarter and live better using his proprietary Kinetic Customer Formula. He is also CEO of Spotlight Brand Services, a marketing and brand management agency, helping e-commerce businesses crush it on Amazon and other online marketplaces. His clients have ranged from Fortune 100’s to solopreneurs in industries as diverse as retail (Foot Locker, Adidas, Nike), hospitality (W Hotels, Universal Studios, Disney, Burger King), financial services (Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Fidelity), higher education (Stanford, Yale, Duke & Harvard Universities) and online services/information products such as ClickFunnels, Product Launch Formula, and ASK Method Company.