Rebranding Made Simple with Jaci and Michael Russo

In this episode of the “He Said She Said Razor Branding” podcast, hosts Michael and Jaci Russo delve into the complexities of rebranding – clarifying that rebranding encompasses far more than just a new logo; it involves a comprehensive assessment of a company’s visual identity, messaging, and audience. They discuss the importance of maintaining consistency and emotional connection in branding, emphasizing the significance of thorough research, strategic planning, and selecting experienced partners to avoid common pitfalls in the rebranding process. They also their new eBook, “Rebranding Made Simple,” providing expert insights and actionable strategies to ensure your brand stays competitive, relevant, and razor sharp. Ideal for CEOs, marketing directors, and brand managers. Download your FREE copy of “Rebranding Made Simple.” here.

The He Said, She Said: Razor Branding™ Podcast is hosted by Jaci and Michael Russo, covering topics like entrepreneurship, B2B marketing, messaging for your target audience, and of course, building your brand. Together, they provide branding insight, tips, and best practices from their combined 40+ years of experience. Special guests from various industries are welcomed to the podcast regularly to share their stories and how branding played a pivotal role in their success. Subscribe to the He Said, She Said: Razor Branding™ Podcast and learn more about brandRUSSO at