The Psychology of Branding with Dr. Tricia Groff

In this episode of the Razor Branding Podcast, hosts Jaci and Michael Russo welcome Dr. Tricia Groff, a licensed psychologist specializing in executive coaching and consulting for high achievers. The conversation delves into the critical intersection of psychology and branding, exploring how understanding human behavior can enhance business strategies. Dr. Groff shares insights on the importance of emotional connections in branding, the challenges of breaking away from herd mentality, and the need for businesses to communicate their unique competitive edges. Don’t miss this engaging episode that promises to leave listeners with thought-provoking ideas and practical takeaways for their own branding journeys.

Dr. Tricia Groff is a licensed psychologist who provides executive coaching and consulting for high achievers and their organizations. With a PhD from Ball State University and a counseling and business psychology background, she specializes in optimizing human factors to drive tangible business results. Passionate about challenging the status quo, Dr. Groff helps clients navigate complex organizational dynamics and improve leadership effectiveness. When not in business mode, she enjoys living well, finding happiness in small things, and driving fast.