The Evolution of Digital Marketing in the age of AI with Rachel Hernandez

Joining Jaci and Michael on this week’s episode of He Said, She Said: Razor Branding™ Podcast is Rachel Hernandez, Director of Brand Strategy at Next Net Media. Known for her deep insights into brand strategy and SEO, Rachel discusses the evolution of digital marketing, emphasizing the impact of AI and the internet’s dynamic landscape. Tune in to gain expert knowledge on enhancing your brand’s digital footprint and leveraging AI for marketing growth and success.

Rachel Hernandez is the Director of Brand Strategy at Next Net Media. In this role, she spearheads the world’s largest global network of trusted media outlets, link partners, and global news websites, catapulting clients to online retailing success with high-authority backlinks and targeted organic visitors.
With a decade-long career in digital content creation and strategy, Rachel initiated Next Net Media’s content department in 2016, overseeing in-house teams and a vast network of 700+ freelancers, generating thousands of premium content pieces weekly. Recognized as a finalist for Woman in Content Marketing of the Year, Rachel is a sought-after guest on marketing podcasts and an esteemed speaker at international events, sharing her expertise in content marketing, brand strategy, and SEO.