How Privacy and Security Can Affect Your Brand with Jodi Daniels

On this week’s episode of He Said, She Said: Razor Branding™ Podcast, we are joined by Jodi Daniels, a privacy/security specialist and author, to discuss how to protect your brand and your brand’s reputation from privacy and security threats online. 

Jodi is the founder & CEO of Red Clover Advisors, co-host of the She Said Privacy/He Said Security podcast, a national keynote speaker, and co-author of the Wall Street Journal Best Selling Book, Data Reimagined: Building Trust One Data Byte At A Time. Jodi understands the challenges of building and managing a business or brand. That’s why she’s dedicated her career to working with businesses to help them better understand and stay compliant with the ever-changing privacy regulations so they can get back to doing what they love. Listen in to this episode of He Said, She Said: Razor Branding™ as Jodi shares her expertise in security and privacy matters and explains how you can keep them from holding you back.